Predicting Underwater Noise due to Offshore Pile Driving


Institute of Modelling and Computation (TUHH/IMB)

The Institute of Modelling and Computation of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has been founded on April 1, 2004. Focal points are the development and the use of computational methods for the investigation of mechanical problems in vehicle construction, aircraft design, general engineering science, and mechanical as well as civil engineering.

Major fields of research are

Beside a high-end IT infrastructure with a powerful parallel computer cluster and access to the large-capacity mainframe computers of TUHH, the Institute runs different acoustic labs and test rigs and is well-equipped with various measurement instrumentations. For real-life validations, an equipped section of an Airbus A340 and a modular test rig of a cabin air distribution system exist at a branch office in Hamburg Finkenwerder. Moreover, a unique lab specialised in the investigation of rotary shaft seals has been established at the Institute.

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