Predicting Underwater Noise due to Offshore Pile Driving


Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management (TUHH/GBT)

With the appointment of Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Grabe as university professor the Working Group Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management was founded in 1998 and renamed in Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management in 2006. Fundamental and applied research in geotechnics in general and in marine geotechnics in particular as well as education in geotechnical engineering and construction management are the main objectives of the institute.

Major fields of research are

Marine Geotechnics

Pile Foundations

Soil Mechanics / Soil Dynamics

Numerical Modelling

Renewable Energy

The institute carries a soil mechanics research laboratory with special test devices. So that among others oedometer tests, triaxial tests, simple shear tests and Resonant-Column tests can be run in a statically and cyclically way, saturated and partly saturated. The institute took part in projects of offshore wind farms with laboratory tests till 2012 in the North and Baltic Sea like Amrum West, Borkum West, Butendiek, DanTysk, Godewind, Horizont, Innogy, Meerwind, Nordsee Ost, Arcona und Kriegers Flak. The access to parallel computers and to professional software enables us to realize complex computer simulations, which are validated with laboratory tests, model tests and field tests.

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